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Pilates Fusion Cheryl Chidrawi

Sue & my late beloved husband, Brian Spiegelhalter, Instow North Devon, UK.

I have been doing Pilates with Cheryl for the past fourteen years. I am in my late 70’s and I am sure it has helped me keep as fit and agile as I am.

It is also a nice way of meeting a nice bunch of people who are similarly minded and I would encourage anyone, of any age to sign up with Cheryl. - Marion Howard, Yelland North Devon, UK


I have benefited so much from doing Pilates Fusion with Cheryl. I am extremely grateful to her for her patience, understanding and guidance which has helped prepare me for my hip operations. – Cath Evans, Barnstaple North Devon, UK


Cheryl is truly inspirational, someone who takes a holistic approach to classes and to life in general. My posture and balance are much improved and my hips no longer ache! The teaching style continually evolves so you never get bored and can focus on some ‘me time’. I feel I am safe hands with her in- depth knowledge of anatomy and Pilates Principals.

Thank you so much for what you do and for what you bring to my life. -  

Jo Morgan, Instow North Devon, UK.


I have been attending Cheryl’s Pilates classes for about 10 years. Cheryl explains and demonstrates all the moves and takes the time to make sure that you are completing the moves correctly. The classes are designed for all levels and you work to your ability. Highly recommended to try a class. Pilates is great for the body, mind and wellbeing. -

Liz Steer, Yelland North Devon, UK.


I have been doing Pilates for over 16 years in Johannesburg, South Africa. During COVID I went online to find a Pilates class in another country and happened to come across Cheryl’s online Zoom class.  Never having met Cheryl (although she is from South Africa), she made me feel so welcome. Her classes are not only informative but exhilarating. I felt as if I was the only one in the class. Her professional manner and attention to detail is amazing. She is very holistic, which shows in her relaxation and meditation. Although I’ve returned to my normal gym classes, I still do a private session once a month with Cheryl to maintain her wonderful technique and that amazing feeling of being well looked after while connecting my mind and my body. I highly recommend her. - Anneliese Joubert, Johannesburg, South Africa.


My husband and I have enjoyed and benefitted from Cheryl’s Pilates classes for many years. She is mindful of individual needs, limitations and goals. Classes continued throughout the pandemic via Zoom, which was much appreciated. Cheryl is also supportive of our mental health, linking this in holistically with our physical health.


Evelyn Frisby, Instow London, UK.

 I’d tried Pilates before but it just didn’t feel right. Then I found Cheryl and thought I’d give it a go again and what a difference!  Cheryl takes time to asses you and then makes the necessary adjustments to the exercises, for your needs considering your age and body type.

During COVID doing Pilates Zoom classes everyday really helped me with mind, body and spirit. I now endeavor to carry out most of the moves with ease. Her instructions are so clear and concise making all the movements flow with ease. ‘Many thanks Cheryl.’

-Angie Snow from ‘Angie’s Hair Creations’, Yelland – North Devon, UK 



Cheryl is a kind, considerate and caring tutor. She always puts her students’ needs first and remembers their individual health conditions. Their wellbeing is at the forefront of every session. I have been one of her students for about 8 years now and have learnt so much from her and feel very confident in what I do. Thanks Cheryl’

-Sarah Pedlar – Yelland North Devon UK


I have attended classes since 2019 and find they really help my flexibility, strength and overall wellbeing. I’ve actually found the Zoom classes more convenient, as I can fit them in with other commitments. Cheryl always brings a personal touch, making it feel like she’s in the room with me, encouraging, praising and correcting where necessary. She is always positive and inspirational ensuring the classes are about my mind and well as my body.

-Suzanne Welch, Yelland North Devon, UK


I can’t recommend Cheryl’s Pilates Fusion highly enough. Not only are the classes inclusive and welcoming to people of all ages and abilities, but the workout is simply incredible! Cheryl has a way of making exercises that seem easy at first glance, incredibly intense yet achievable. After every class I feel like I have grown a few inches taller and left with a stronger body and a lighter spirit. But what truly sets Cheryl's classes apart is her infectious optimism and positive outlook on life. Her unwavering energy and enthusiasm are contagious and make you leave her classes feeling like you've not only taken care of your body, but also your soul.

-Sophie Bradbury, Instow North Devon, UK


Cheryl’s classes are fun, friendly and full of variety. I am sure my level of fitness owes much to Cheryl and her sympathetic guidance and encouragement. She is an excellent teacher, understanding, gentle and constantly extending her knowledge of current Pilates practice.

I am grateful to have found Cheryl and for the mental and physical benefits of her most precise and enjoyable instructions. “Thank you, Cheryl”


Julie Jeremy, Instow North Devon, UK.

I started Pilates with Cheryl over seven years ago and have benefitted hugely on so many levels. Her sessions are thorough, knowledgeable, positively challenging, innovative and interesting.

She is constantly monitoring and checking in and never forgets a client’s special needs. Cheryl is always challenging herself too by attending new workshops and introducing the most up to date exercises and practices. I love that she fuses the Pilates with other disciplines, such as yoga, chair and ballet barre work.

Since 2020 Cheryl has develop a good selection of online classes which gives one more flexibility. Above all, it is Cheryl’s calm, kind and loving presence that makes her classes so special for me. The final meditation is always grounding and inspirational and sets me up perfectly to move forwards into the weeks ahead.

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