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Pilates Fusion Cheryl Chidrawi

Strength Training 

(Weights/equipment) – Strength training, also known as resistance training, involves using resistance to stimulate muscular contractions and enhance the strength, size and anaerobic endurance of skeletal muscles. This form of training typically involves the use of weights or small equipment to provide the necessary resistance to promote muscular adaption and development. Through consistent strength training, clients can improve their physical performance, reduce the risk of injury and enhance their overall health and well-being.

Pilates Fusion Cheryl Chidrawi
Pilates Fusion Cheryl Chidrawi

Chair Pilats Fusion

– Is a modified form of Pilates that utilizes a standard chair for seated exercises. This routine focuses on improving strength, flexibility and posture by strengthening the muscles while remaining seated. Chair Pilates Fusion is particularly beneficial for those recovering from injuries, as it allows for low-impact movements that can improve a large range of motion without putting additional strain on the body.

Pilates Barre

A combination of Pilates Method and basic Ballet barre exercises, this is an effective body workout that involves stretching and conditioning the muscles. As a full-body work-out, Pilates Barre is specifically designed to challenge the muscles by overloading them through a full range of movements, as well as with smaller endurance concentric and eccentric contractions. It is a challenging way to improve overall fitness and strength.

Pilates Fusion Cheryl Chidrawi
Pilates Fusion Cheryl Chidrawi


Hatha is a branch of Yoga that focuses on preserving and channeling the vital force or energy within the body. In addition to various physical movements, Hatha Yoga incorporates breathing techniques that promote calmness of both the mind and body. Through the combination of these techniques, individuals can experience improved flexibility, strength and overall wellness. Hatha Yoga is a popular form of exercise that has been shown to have numerous health benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety, improving heart health and increasing mindfulness.

Relaxation / Meditation

Is a form of mind-body complementary medicine that involves two distinct practices; Relaxation and Meditation.  Relaxation techniques are used to help individuals release tension and achieve a state of calm.

Meditation is a journey, that takes the mind into a deeper state of relaxation. It focuses on breathing, a mantra or an object during practice.

Each person experiences these practices in their own unique way. They are usually done at the end of a session to help individuals feel refreshed and rejuvenated or they can be undertaken as a separate session.

Pilates Fusion Cheryl Chidrawi
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