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Breast Cancer Awareness Month - October 2023

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Have you had your mammogram? If you haven't, then there is still time for you to do so and perhaps the story below from a Cancer Survivor will convince you to get going.

"Hi, my name is Lorraine Logan and I have been Cheryl's friend for over 50 years and we're still besties!

I always followed my gynaecologist's advice. I did my self-examination and had my mammogram annually. In August 2014, I did the usual mammogram, thinking what a waste of time. Then came the awful news! It was confirmed that I had stage 1 Breast Cancer, which was detected on my mammogram.

Your first reaction is why me? I am only 61 years old, there is no cancer in my family, both my grannies lived to 90 and my mother was in perfect health (and went onto live, until she was 100).

Then comes the huge decisions that you are confronted with. Do I have a lumpectomy (a surgical procedure in which a lump is removed from the breast when cancer is present but has not spread). Do I have chemo? Do I have a mastectomy? In the end, I decided to have both breasts removed (double mastectomy) and reconstructed. Followed by intensive treatment.

I am now a survivor of 9 years and give thanks daily, The voyage that I went on was not an easy one, When you are in a situation like this your whole life changes and you have a totally different perspective on life. Life is so worth living and huge obstacles are no longer dauting. I respect life. I love myself the way I am and I am grateful that I was given the chance to live. Cancer is a love Story - Hate, Love and a determination to survive. So, remember: EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIVES!" Go get your mammogram! It's a act of self-love.

Lorraine & Cheryl

Blessed with 6 grandchildren

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