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Pilates Fusion Cheryl Chidrawi




to the rhythm

of your breath

Pilates Fusion Cheryl Chidrawi
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White Earth

Strength Training

Involves using resistance to stimulate muscular contractions and enhance the strength, size and anaerobic endurance of skeletal muscles.

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Chair Pilates Fusion

Is a modified form of Pilates that utilizes a standard chair for seated exercises improving strength, flexibility and posture.

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Pilates Barre

A combination of Pilates Method and basic Ballet barre exercises, this is an effective body workout that involves stretching and conditioning the muscles.

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Hatha is a branch of Yoga that focuses on preserving and channeling the vital force or energy within the body.

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Is a form of mind-body complementary medicine that involves two distinct practices; Relaxation and Meditation.

Pilates Fusion Cheryl Chidrawi
Pilates Fusion Cheryl Chidrawi


Pilates (classical mat) is aimed at enhancing physical strength, posture and flexibility. On the other hand, Yoga focuses on attaining a harmonious state of body and mind through a combination of exercises, breathing and meditation. Both practices incorporate breathing techniques to enhance effectiveness.

In fusion sessions we combine the two to create a new approach. By combining the essential elements of Pilates and Yoga, a “Pilates Fusion” session provides a holistic experience that enhances breathing, posture, physical strength, flexibility, relaxation and meditation. 

Cheryl’s goal is to encourage self-awareness of posture, body alignment and core strength, which enables joint mobility throughout all movements. By combining Pilates’ emphasis on breathing with Yoga’s (Hatha) mindfulness, relaxation and meditation, Pilates Fusion aims to provide a comprehensive approach that incorporates the best of both practices.

Pilates Fusion Cheryl Chidrawi


begins with an Inhalation

followed by an Exhalation


Breathing plays a critical role in Pilates. Most movements are taught with a specific breathing pattern that involves inhaling through the nose to prepare for the movement and directing the breath into the sides of the ribs to expand the rib cage laterally. Exhaling through the mouth is used during movements that involve flexion and exertion. This is one of the core principles of Joseph Pilates’ approach to exercise.


Both Pilates and Yoga use breathing techniques as essential tools to improve their practices. While Yoga also emphasizes the importance of breathing, it typically uses a full belly breathing method in which the breath is taken in and out through the nose. This method helps oxygenate the blood, lower blood pressure and promote relaxation. In contrast, Pilates uses a three-dimensional breathing pattern (deep core breathing) that involves the lateral expansion of the rib cage activating the use of the diaphragm.

Pilates Fusion Cheryl Chidrawi

CEO / Founder of Pilates Fusion

Cheryl was an early pioneer in the fitness and beauty industry, opening one of the first fitness and beauty salons in Johannesburg, South Africa. She also led workshops in schools promoting health and fitness to young people.


Group Sessions

Group sessions are led by Cheryl and bring clients together to exercise and socialize in a supportive environment. This encourages teamwork and provides a sense of community that can be highly motivating.

Private Sessions

One-on-one sessions begin with a free assessment to determine an individual’s fitness goals. Based on your objectives, Cheryl develops a personalized program that is tailored to your individual needs.

Semi-Private Sessions

Involve working with a partner or friend which can be both enjoyable and a motivating experience. During the free assessment, Cheryl works with each individual to establish their fitness levels and ensure that the partnership will be mutually beneficial.

Zoom Live Sessions
Pre-Recorded Sessions
Pilates Fusion Cheryl Chidrawi

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I have been doing Pilates with Cheryl for the past fourteen years. I am in my late 70’s and I am sure it has helped me keep as fit and agile as I am.

It is also a nice way of meeting a nice bunch of people who are similarly minded and I would encourage anyone, of any age to sign up with Cheryl. - 


I’d tried Pilates before but it just didn’t feel right. Then I found Cheryl and thought I’d give it a go again and what a difference!  Cheryl takes time to asses you and then makes the necessary adjustments to the exercises, for your needs considering your age and body type.

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